Transfer Options

MCC can begin the process of becoming a Registered Dietitian through transfer to accredited Dietetics Programs at Arizona State University and The University of Arizona. Our Associate of Arts pathway fulfills academic requirements for the first two years of the university programs. For admissions criteria at the universities mentioned, visit their websites. 

Arizona State University and The University of Arizona

If transferring to Arizona State University or The University of Arizona, choose to self-advise or visit MCC general advising with the following information:

  • Associate of Arts checksheet for course recommendations
  • When choosing elective courses such as humanities and social behavioral sciences, visit the Arizona Transfer Website.
  • ASU Only: In addition to completing the Associate of Arts, consider signing up for the MAPP in Nutrition/ Dietetics  (Maricopa ASU Pathway Plan) program for a tuition commitment and other advantages. All MAPP courses in Nutrition/Dietetics are included in the AA.