Health Sciences

Are you passionate about health and wellness? Interested in a career in the health field? Or do you simply want to learn more about how to live a healthier lifestyle? Mesa Community College has classes to fit your needs!

We offer entry-level courses, such as Healthful Living, CPR, and more. This is a great place to start for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or the wellness and fitness industry. These courses can be a stepping stone to degrees in Health Promotion, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Public Health, Exercise and Wellness or a number of allied health professions such as nursing, physical therapy and more.

For more information on programs of study, transfer pathways and course advisement, please contact our department academic advisor, Julie Freeman. Schedule an appointment by email at or by phone a 480-461-7551.

First Aid and CPR

Mesa Community College offers HES 106 for students in need of a CPR certification as a job or academic requirement. This one-day only class is great for busy students. Upon successful completion of this course you will earn an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR) card.

Healthy Living

If you are interested in improving your own health and wellness, or a career helping others do so, we’ve got classes for you!

HES 100 (Healthful Living) explores all aspects of health and wellness and their application to an optimal lifestyle. This class explores current topics of interest such as stress management, nutrition, fitness and environmental health. Additionally, it provides a SB (Social Behavioral) general education designation.

We Also Offer

For those interested in studying other health-related topics more in-depth, MCC provides a variety of courses covering other health and wellness topics such as

  • Healthful Living (HES100) *Social Behavioral general education designation
  • Substance Abuse and Behavior (HES 201)
  • Cultural Aspects of Health and Wellness (HES 210) *Cultural or Global general education designation
  • Principles of Physical Fitness and Wellness (WED 110) *Social Behavioral general education designation
  • Meditation and Wellness (WED 162)