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Dancers on stage stretching leg and armDancers on stage stretching leg and arm - The MCC Dance Company


Mesa Community College students who receive their Associate in Arts degree in Dance may choose to transfer to a four-year university for further studies in Dance and/or related fields or other degree programs.

Students may choose to use their AAFA degree to help prepare them for careers such as performers in the entertainment industry working in professional dance productions for theme parks, cruise ships or with professional dance companies.

Students may use their degree for careers as choreographers and teachers for dance studios, community programs and private instruction.Male dancer kicking legMale dancer kicking leg - The MCC Dance Company

See Dance Movement classes  |  See Dance Humanities classes  | See Physical Activity classes.

If you are interested in becoming a dance major, please fill out the Dance major Information Form and click once to submit:   AAFA-Dance Major Information Form

Program Requirements

Download the degree checksheet:   MS Word .doc   |  Acrobat .pdf file


First Year Composition (FYC) (6 credits)                                                                                               

  • ENG101 or 107 (3 credits) and ENG102 or 108 (3 credits)

Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L) (3 credits)

Mathematical Studies (MA) & (CS) (6 credits)

  • MAT140 or 150 or any course for which College Algebra is a prerequisite. (3 credits)
  • C/S Computer/Stats/Quantitative Applications (3 credits)

Humanities and Fine Arts (HU) (6 credits)

  • DAH100-Introduction to Dance (3 credits)
  • DAH201-World Dance Studies (3 credits) or
  • DAH250 Dance in Popular Culture (3 credits)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) (6 credits)

  • HES100-Healthful Living (recommended) (3 credits)

Natural Sciences (8 credits) (SG & SQ) 2 lab sciences required

SQ (4 credits) and SG-BIO160 or BIO201 (4 credits). 
Students cannot take 8 credits of SG to meet the natural sciences requirement.

Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (0-3 credits)
(C) May be shared with one of the core classes

Historical or Global Awareness (0-3 credits)
(H) or (G) May be shared with one of the core classes

Additional MCCCCD Requirements (0-6 credits)

  • Oral Communication (0-3 credits)
    May be shared with one of the core classes.  COM100, 110, 225, 230
  • Critical Reading (0-3 credits).  CRE101 or equivalent as indicated by assessment

Part I (12 credits)

  • DAN150-Dance Performance (1 credit)
  • DAN210-Dance Production (3 credits)
  • DAN221-Rhythmic Awareness for Dance (3 credits)
  • DAN264-Choreography I (3 credits)
  • DAN280-Dance Practicum (2 credits)

Part II (9 credits) - Must attain level III competency in Ballet and Modern Dance

  • DAN131-Ballet I (1 credit)
  • DAN132-Modern Dance I (1 credit)
  • DAN133-Jazz Dance I (1 credit)
  • DAN134-Ballet II (1 credit)
  • DAN135-Modern Dance II (1 credit)
  • DAN136 Jazz Dance II (1 credit)
  • DAN231-Ballet III (1 credit)
  • DAN232-Modern Dance III (1 credit)
  • DAN233-Jazz Dance III (1 credit)
  • DAN234-Ballet IV (1 credit)
  • DAN235-Modern Dance IV (1 credit)
  • DAN236-Jazz IV (1 credit)

Part III (0-3 credits) Restricted Electives

  • DAN102AA/AB-Hip Hop I/ II (1 credit)
  • DAN104AA/AB-Ballroom Dancing I/II (1 credit)
  • DAN106AA/AB-Latin Ballroom I/II (1 credit)
  • DAN129/130 Musical Theatre Dance I/II (1 credit)
  • DAN131/134/231/234-Ballet I/II/III/IV (1 credit)
  • DAN132/135/232/235-Modern Dance I/II/III/IV (1 credit)
  • DAN133/136/233/236-Jazz Dance I/II/III/IV (1 credit)
  • DAN140/145-Tap Dance I/II (1 credit)
  • DAN141-Dance Workshop (1 credit)
  • DAN146-Tap Dance Ensemble (1 credit)
  • *DAN150/155/250/255-Dance Performance I/II/III/IV (1 credit)                                                                                      *MCC Dance Company.  Audition is required.

Part IV Restricted Electives-Dance Theory (6-9 credits)

  • DAH201-World Dance Studies (3 credits) if not used in core as Humanities requirement
  • DAH250-Dance in Popular Culture (3 credits) if not used in core as Humanities requirement
  • DAN211-Dance Production II (3 credits)
  • DAN222-Rhythmic Awareness for Dance II (3 credits)
  • DAN265-Choreography II (3 credits)
  • DAN282-Service Learning-Dance (1-3 credits)