ESL Program of Study

The ELP at Mesa Community College offers a course of study designed to provide English language learners with balanced academic language skills to promote student success in higher education and the global workplace.

Level One Introductory
CELSA SCORE 16 - 29 ESL010--Grammar/Writing
ESL011--Listening & Speaking
ESL012--Writing w/ Oral Practice

RDG016--Reading (ESL 016)

Level Two Intermediate
CELSA SCORE 30 - 38 or successful completion of Level I ESL020--Grammar/Writing

ESL021--Listening & Speaking

ESL022--Writing w/ Oral Practice
RDG026--Reading ESL (ESL 026)
Level Three High-Intermediate
CELSA SCORE 39 - 50 or successful completion of Level II ESL030--Grammar/Writing
ESL031--Listening & Speaking
ESL032--Writing w/ Oral Practice

RDG036--Reading ESL (ESL 036)

Level Four Advanced
CELSA SCORE 51 - 66 or successful completion of Level III ESL040--Grammar/Writing
ESL041--Listening & Speaking
ESL042--Writing w/ Oral Practice

RDG046--Reading ESL (ESL 046)

(In addition, students may take the classes below as they transition to college courses.)


CELSA SCORE 67 -75, successful completion of Level IV, or appropriate placement score

ESL097--Fundamentals of Writing to be discontinued Spring 2020 and replaced by:

ENG107LL -- First-Year Composition Lab for ESL