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Teachers of language learners are encouraged to use this page to access information about professional development opportunities and classroom resources.

Signpost: Technology and Pedagogy

Crossroads is a continuation of the transition from traditional teacher-centered curriculum to active and engaged learner-centered lesson design. It is a place where technology meets pedagogy; exploring, rating and sharing teaching and learning experiences through a worldwide community.

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Professional Development Digital Library

Noteworthy Notebooks (28:38) Explore techniques to utilize interactive notebooks in the classroom for students to develop organizational skills and to promote metacognitive practices for learning.

Can-Do Statements (57:08) Integrate World Language Proficiency Standards into classrooms to emphasize communication skills for global readiness.

Unit Mapping (45:39) Develop standards-based units that infuse language and content.

Fat CAT Assessments (1:28:04) Develop and use classroom assessments to inform teaching and learning.

Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) (35:34) Targeting Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) for language and content proficiency.

Rubrics (36:35) Use rubrics to evaluate student performance.

Classroom Resources

World Languages Elementary STEM Curriculum Modules As part of Maryland's Federal Race to the Top funding, the WORLD LANGUAGES PIPELINES project is designed to plan and implement K-5 programs in Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

NYCDOE Math Sample Units: Access math units to engage ELs in high-quality instruction while providing necessary support.

I Teach Dual Language: Explore this blog that is filled with resources and ideas for teaching language learners.

Safeshare.TV with Spanish videos: You can use this website to create a safe link of your favorite YouTube videos. Spanish videos using

Spanish-English Websites: Explore these great Spanish-English websites that are used and recommended by teachers!

• Calico Spanish videos

• Free Spanish activities

Story Place

Sesame Street Videos, Games and activities

• Literacy games in Spanish

Alphabet in Spanish

• Scholastic-Clifford

Maya and Miguel-PBS Kids in English and Spanish


Cool Math

AAA math

Fun brain