Student Opportunities for Success (SOS)

S.O.S., a first year experience program, was developed to assist incoming and continuing students to make a successful transition to college, both academically and personally. By providing a strong foundation of essential college strategies for success, these programs will aid in student retention.

S.O.S. Objectives

Students will develop a sense of community by increasing involvement in campus activities among peers, staff and faculty, making a large college feel more personal. The student will develop an awareness of academic and personal support services and resources, while creating an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety. S.O.S. will promote a positive attitude and stimulate an excitement for learning. S.O.S. participants will benefit by learning how to adapt and function to their fullest potential in the college setting.

S.O.S. Outcomes

S.O.S. participants will master academic survival skills and be able to demonstrate a knowledge and use of campus resources, which will aid in retention. Through the development of these skills, students will gain a sense of belonging to the MCC community. Hence, the student will not only be successful in the completion of academic goals, he/she will have learned how to be a skillful and active learner.