First Year Student

To the First-Year Student


Where can I go for further support?
What services & agencies are available to help me?
Download a list of 24 hour Help Lines here

Call us at either location:

480-461-7588 | Southern & Dobson Bldg: 37N
480-654-7210 | Red Mountain  Palo Verde Bldg.

Your first year in college is a perfect opportunity to develop a strong strategy for your success.

  • CPD150 recommended for first semester
  • CPD 104 recommended for second semester

Here is brief list of things to get you started on your way to a great first year at Mesa Community College.

FYS Goals

  • To develop a sense of community for first-year students on a large campus.
  • Increase student exposure and involvement in campus activities among peers and faculty.
  • Provide access to resources that assist students with personal and academic growth.
  • Positively impact student retention and persistence through graduation.
  • Assist students in overcoming daily challenges in the course of their personal and academic development.

To better serve the first year student with their academic and personal achievement, by assisting the student to make a smooth transition into community college life. To develop collaboration between MCC Faculty and Staff to increase the retention of this new student population.

    Academic Success & Personal Success

    Come in and visit the Counseling Center for personal, academic, and career guidance.