First Year Experience

To better serve the first year student with their academic and personal achievement, by assisting the student to make a smooth transition into community college life. To develop collaboration between MCC Faculty and Staff to increase the retention of this new student population.

FYE Goals

  • To develop a sense of community for first-year students on a large campus.
  • Increase student exposure and involvement in campus activities among peers and faculty.
  • Provide access to resources that assist students with personal and academic growth.
  • Positively impact student retention and persistence through graduation.
  • Assist students in overcoming daily challenges in the course of their personal and academic development.

To the First-Year Student

Your first year in college is a perfect opportunity to develop a strong strategy for your success. Here is brief list of things to get you started on your way to a great first year at Mesa Community College.

  • See your Academic Advisor
  • Learn about your degree requirements
  • Use campus tutoring center
  • Be familiar with other academic support services
  • Pay fees and be aware of college deadlines
  • Learn about exercise and good nutritional health at MCC
  • Talk to your professors!
  • Form study groups with your classmates
  • Tour the library and use it
  • Attend SOS workshops to enhance your learning success skills

Academic Success & Personal Success

Come in and visit the Counseling Center for personal, academic, and career guidance.