Returning to Theatre

The MCC Theatre and Film Arts (TFA) will return to campus for Fall 2020. The last three months we have had to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic. We understand that there still might be unforeseen challenges ahead. We now focus on Recovery, Resilience, and Returning. We the TFA are actively engaged in not stopping what we do, but changing how we do it. Society has asked us to take a hiatus from what we love to do. What we have collectively responded with a resounding, “NO!”. This email is to help you know what to expect to see from MCC and our department when we return in August. Look forward to seeing you in the classroom(virtual and/or physical) . If you have any questions or need advisement please contact Kevin Dressler.

How we are working towards creating a safe and vibrant learning experience.

  • In-Person (P): Class times will be listed in the schedule and will be held on campus. Based on the state’s response to COVID-19, these courses may shift to Online or Hybrid.
  • Hybrid (HY): Part of this class occurs in a face-to-face format on campus at the time listed in the class schedule. The in-person class sections have been split up to make sure there is a long enough passing period to disinfect an area between live classes. In addition to in-person class time part of this course will be held online without a set time to attend.
    • Smaller Class Meetings: You will need to pay close attention when signing up for Labs and in-person class times as most classes will be broken up into groups that will be no bigger than 9.
  • Live Online (LO): Live Online classes have sessions that meet online on specific days and times. Attendance in these sessions will be at the discretion of the instructor, and additional work will be required on the student’s own time. Access to a computer or mobile device with Internet connection is required. These are also referred to as synchronous classes.
  • Online (ON): This is a wholly virtual class option that is completed on your own schedule. Students are required to have access to a computer or mobile device, and Internet access, unless otherwise specified. These are also referred to as asynchronous classes.
  • Physical Distancing: Students will be spread out throughout classrooms to ensure safety. A 6-foot physical distance will be kept to maintain safety and minimize any potential pathogens from being spread from one person to another.
  • Face-Coverings: Everyone on MCC campuses are required to wear a face covering. Our costume shop has been making them throughout the summer so please let us know if you need one. If you have a health issue that makes wearing a face covering a health risk please contact Disability Services for accommodations.
  • Bathrooms: We will have a one-person bathroom policy.
  • Return to Campus Training- All employees are receiving special training prior to returning to campus. All students must review COVID Training Material and submit acknowledgments prior to returning to campus.
  • Resources online: Student Services are available virtually.

(Please click this link for a more detailed list)

Theatre and Film Arts Classes and Modalities for Fall 2020 Semester

Fundamental Techniques and terminology of acting through physical and vocal expression, improvisation, and monologue and scene work. Emphasis on characterization.

Movement skills for the actor to develop a flexible, expressive physical instrument. Includes pantomime, physical isolation, and awareness exercises. Prerequisites: None.

Introduction to basic principles used in costuming for theatre including the use of tools and techniques for costume construction, understanding of fabrics and materials, and a selected survey of historical fashion. Prerequisites: None.

Procedures of technical theatre production and demonstration. Topics include design and construction of scenery, lighting, and properties. Prerequisites: None.

This class will be working on the spring production of Tempest. Provides the continuing design student, dramaturge, stage management, technical director, and directing students with opportunities to expand the versatility of professional skills. Emphasis on relating their work to the total production process. Linking design ideas to production concepts. Maintain dramaturge, stage manager, director documentation. Practical application of student work for portfolio development. Contact Jessica Bradford for permission code, 480-461-7528

Purposes, materials, and techniques of makeup for stage and screen.

Survey of the history and development of the art of motion pictures, including criticism of aesthetic and technical elements.

Special technical aspects of acting before a camera.

Introduction to wig technology, including the use of tools and techniques for making, ventilating, measuring, and styling period wigs.

A survey of theatre, including basic elements and principles of production, styles, and/or historical perspectives of theatre, dramatic literature, and criticism. Prerequisites: None.

Our ongoing Co-curriculars and Departmental Support

(For the Fall Semester these meeting will be online)

  • Support Circle - This group was initially formed at the beginning of 2020 to create a platform where students could discuss stress and how to mitigate said stress by utilizing healthy coping skills and a community of support. It is now a virtual meeting space to continue these dialogues and also process the challenges of social distancing in the era of the COVID-19. (We are hosting meetings throughout the summer M & F at 12:00pm if you would like to join)
  • Stage Door Players- Stage Door Players is a club focused on supporting the theatre department and those who participate in theatre. Sometimes acting as a producing agent for Black Box theatre performances, club members are often found working backstage as well as on stage. The club is also a social group, planning and participating in numerous activities throughout the year.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Program- An idea originated from the Lark Theatre in New York that TFA is planning to implement this coming fall semester. This is a monthly, open forum for all faculty, staff, and students to lead discussions around topics of access and inclusion.

MCC is committed to providing the best student experience possible while keeping the health and safety of our college community our highest priority. In response to COVID-19, there is a possibility that in-person and hybrid classes could move to an entirely online delivery in order to follow health guidelines.