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Evonne Bowling

Alexandra Perdue

The New Creative Industries Group is open to all MCC students who are interested in creative self-expression and professional career development in the contemporary commercial arts, including: music, fashion, art, design and manufacturing. This Special Interest Group is an official student group and is affiliated with the ASMCC (Associated Students of Mesa Community College).


Developing the professional, business and creative skills of student members is the foundation of the group’s activities.


The mission of the Creative Industries Group is to educate students to excel in all manner of creative careers.

We believe that curiosity and self-disciplined inquiry, which are essential to creative endeavors—are critical to achievement in any arena. We also believe that creative self-expression is a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

Through exposure to scholarly and practical learning experiences integrating hands-on learning, guest lectures and field studies, this student Special Interest Group, the Creative Industries Group invites members to explore current industry trends, relevant technologies, and career opportunities open to today's aspiring creative professionals.


  • To help students learn about real-world professional practices by offering guest lectures, and workshops with leading industry experts
  • To help students develop their professional portfolios and resumes by providing opportunities to apprentice with faculty advisors and other mentors in professional activities
  • To support the development of the individual talents of student members by providing opportunities to showcase their work on campus and other public settings
  • To encourage students to join like-minded colleagues and develop their personal and professional networks through lively dialogue and group activities
  • To organize Field and Industry Study trips, locally, nationally and internationally, so student members can experience first-hand the workings of current, creative businesses
  • To enable student members to apply their MCC studies in a global society by providing opportunities for intercultural creative education, thereby fulfilling one of MCC's 4 C's (Student Learning Outcomes), Cultural and Global Engagement
  • To maintain the vitality of our college community by encouraging and supporting professional development for all club members

Sample Activities

  • National, International and Local Industry Study Tours to visit creative studios, festivals, trade shows in the creative lifestyle arena
  • Guest Lecture and Mock Interviews with Human Resources representatives from local valley companies such as Fender Guitar
  • Field visit to vintage stores to discuss current, local trends in Merchandising
  • Music Pitch Session with publishing and licensing executives from companies such as Wild Whirled Music
  • Field visit to the Phoenix Art Museum to explore the pop iconography of contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol
  • Field Visit to US Airways Arena for a behind-the-scenes look at a major event production
  • Attend screening of key films and documentaries such as Make it in America: Empowering Global Fashion
  • Attend a workshop at TechShop Chandler to learn about tools and practices available for prototyping for DIY makers
  • On-campus talent showcase events for club members, such as Pop Up shops, Open MIC nights and informal art shows

Contact: Group Co-Advisors, Evonne Bowling, at or Alexandra Perdue, at