Who should take Open Entry classes?

  • Students who are comfortable with a self-learning environment
  • Have good time management skills. You should be able to schedule your time effectively and to stay on task to complete assignments outside of class.
  • Be self-disciplined, self-reliant and self-motivated
  • Have the ability to read and follow written instructions

When can I register for an Open Entry class?

  • Open Entry classes have Monday start dates. Our one credit classes have start dates that continue until the eighth week of the semester. Our two and three credit classes have three start dates at the beginning of the semester. As you complete one class, you can then register for the next class as long as there are start dates remaining for that semester; otherwise you will want to register for the next semester. Students can complete Open Entry classes at their own pace as long as they complete by their end date.

What skills are required to take an Open Entry class?

Besides good reading skills, you will need:

Minimum Computer Skills
  • Start up a computer and use a keyboard; must be able to maneuver around using a mouse or touch pad.
  • Find, download and run a variety of software programs.
  • Organize, copy, paste, name and rename data files.
  • Cut and paste information from one document to another and from one program to another.
  • Access, browse and research on the World Wide Web.
  • Send and receive e-mail, and attach data files to an email.
  • Save attached files from an email.
  • Download and save data files from a website.
Basic Computer Skills
  • Save a file to a specific drive and folder
  • Locate a file on a hard drive, flash drive,  or server
  • Delete a file
  • Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening any applications
  • Upload and download files
Basic Email Skills
  • Send an email message
  • Open an email message
  • Forward an email message
  • Send an attachment
  • Open and/or save an attachment
Basic Web Browser Skills
  • Go to a specific URL (Web page)
  • Print a page
  • Follow a hypertext link
  • Conduct a basic search using a search engine
Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Computer:
    A personal computer running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.  Computers with multimedia capabilities are preferred.
  • Software:
    Students taking classes in Microsoft Office will need Office 2013

    If you have any questions, email us at openentry@mesacc.edu

  • Internet Access:
    You will need to have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are numerous companies that offer Internet access. DSL or Broadband connections are recommended.
  • A Maricopa Email Account:
    You must use your GoogleApps@Maricopa account for all school related emails.
  • Browser:
    In general, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari work very well for eLearning courses. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not recommended. Specific browser requirements might vary by instructor.
  • Plugins:
    You may need the current versions of the following plugins:
    • Adobe Acrobat reader
    • Flash
    • Windows Media Player
    •  QuickTime

Do I have to come to the campus if I take Open entry Classes?

You do not have to come to the campus if you are taking Open Entry classes. Open Entry is completely online. If you do work from home you will need the required software loaded on your computer.

How are assignments submitted?

Open Entry uses Canvas as our online course management tool. All of the assignments, quizzes, and final projects are in Canvas. You do not have to come to campus if you are taking Open Entry classes.

How do I get help?

If you need help, you can email the Open Entry Team at openentry@mesacc.edu for online assistance, make an appointment with any member of the Open Entry Team, or come to the computer lab for help.

Is there a place on campus where I can work on my assignments?

Computer Labs: The Open Entry lab is available to Open Entry students at the Southern/Dobson campus in building BA 40, the entrance is on the east side of the building.  If you are working at the Red Mountain campus (Power Road East of McKellips), there is a lab in the Library (Desert Willow Building).  Open Entry students are welcome to work on their assignments in either place. 

Where do I take exams?

All exams and final projects are online.  You do not have to come to campus to take an exam.

If you are registered for an online Open Entry course, it is assumed that you have the basic computer skills necessary for participating in and completing a class on the Internet.