Business & Information Systems

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Southern & Dobson

Building: BP 43A
P: 480-461-7711


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 7:30 pm
Fri: 7 am – 4 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 7:30 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

The emphasis of the Business & Information Systems Department is to provide quality academic coursework, teaching students with marketable skills that are responsive to the current needs of a variety of workplace settings, and to prepare students to transfer to a four-year university.

Department Faculty & Staff Contact

Linda D. Collins

Chair: Business & Information Systems

Residential Faculty - CIS, Business English, Disney Internship


Jessica Bradford

Administrative Specialist, Network Academy Academic Adviser


Office: BA 40 - Room: 26

Brenda L. Nielsen

Residential Faculty - CIS/BPC; currently serving as the Asst. Chair of BIS at the Red Mountain Campus

Assistant Chair, Red Mountain


Office: RDM-S Saguaro - Room: 262

Lua Isabel Maloney

Human Resources Specialist Sr


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