Embalming Lab InstructionEmbalming Lab Instruction Embalming Lab Sessions

The students have an opportunity to raise the vessels of injection sites for embalming under the direct supervision of an instructor, thus bridging the gap between textbook definition and practical application.

Restorative Art Sessions

In restorative art lab, each student is required to create a sculpture of wax in the reconstruction of all facial features, (ears, eyes, nose, and mouth) in correct proportion to other features. The student will also apply cosmetics, and recreate facial and cranial hair.


In the Merchandising Lab/Chapel, the students learn the protocol for different types of funeral services, how to usher guests to their seats, and how to move the casket with grace and style so as to create smooth movement within the context of the solemnity of the moment.

ToursTours Tours

Every year the students take tours of local facilities: Mickleson and Ray (Wilbert Vault Manufacturing), York Products Casket Warehouse, and a local mortuary. Each of these tours are memorable, and the student usually walks away with a new perspective and appreciation of the funeral industry.

Fun Times

As the year progresses, the students form into a tight group that works hard and enjoys one another's company. Many relationships that have started during mortuary school seem to last well into the future. Many return to visit the school, speak with the students and let us know how and what they are doing. (see the Alumni Corner)