Plastic bottles, cans, cups, glass bottles, other 1-7 plastics

"After graduation and passing my boards, I attended the Funeral Director's Convention (where all graduates that are not currently employed should be). I was lucky enough to meet Paul Messinger, an icon in our industry. I have been proudly serving my first year's internship at the Messinger Indian School Mortuary with its well seasoned staff of professionals. My future plan is to continue to become a confident Funeral Director, Embalmer and Crematory Operator for Messinger Mortuaries."
Derek Beach, Class of 2005

Jennifer Hudzik

I am currently working for Melcher's Mission Chapel in Mesa. My goals for the future include continuing to provide service in what I do best and perhaps continuing my education and learning so I can help upcoming students when needed. This is important to me because I have a son who is in his early teens who hopes to one day be a mother/son team."
Jennifer Hudzik, Class of 2003

Michelle Horton

"I love the funeral industry! After graduation, I worked for Service Corporation International (SCI) for four years before landing a job at Messinger Mortuary, where I am currently working. I am a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in the State of Arizona. My forte is in the prep room, where I love to embalm and do restorative work. I am proud to be a preceptor for the Mortuary School. I hope to continue my education to become a crime scene investigator, where my ultimate goal lies."
Michelle Horton, Class of 2001