Micro Circuit Mask Design

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Todd Alan Verch

Residential Faculty - Drafting


This program is part of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Micro Circuit Mask Design prepares students to work in the microcircuit design field. The program emphasizes current technological trends in the industry and is designed both for those planning to enter a career in the field as well as for those already working in the field who want to advance and update their knowledge and skills. The curriculum combines coursework in microcircuit mask design with a general education component.

Participants choose one of two tracks: microcircuit mask design or computer numerical control (CNC) programming; technical math is a prerequisite for both. Required courses cover topics such as technical drafting, industrial safety and computer-aided drafting using AutoCAD.

Transfer to ASU

The MAPP - Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program - is designed for students who want to start at the community college and plan to complete a bachelor’s degree at ASU. You will follow a prescribed sequence of course work at a Maricopa Community College that meets the lower-division course requirements for an ASU major. When you complete your MAPP, you will have met the requirements for your associate degree and be on track toward earning your selected bachelor’s degree.

  • AAS to BAS for Mesa Community College
  • AAS in Micro Circuit Mask Design

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