Partnerships & Media Coverage

We could not have built this alone. We are grateful to our partners, media outlets, and the community for all they have done to help us develop the Center for Urban Agriculture: for promoting our events, for applauding our efforts, and for getting involved. Many thanks to you all.


Environmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection Agency

"This environmental education effort will teach employable skills to students and enable them to become environmental stewards,” said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest. “The hands on experience that Mesa Community College students will receive is unparalleled and will serve as a model for similar institutions nationwide.”

Learn more about the EPA.

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Roosevelt School District 

Roosevelt School District

As detailed in the book “Bird on Fire” by Andrew Ross, Roosevelt School district serves a historically environmentally neglected area and underserved population. Through urban agriculture, environmental skills and knowledge can be directly applied and rapidly embraced through a teacher training program. This direct partnership with Brooks Community School will help transfer environmentally sustainable skills to the home.

Find out what's going on in the Roosevelt School District.

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Roosevelt Center of Sustainability

Roosevelt Center of SustainabilityThe Roosevelt Center of Sustainability at George B. Brooks Sr. Community School provides an empowering learning environment that is inspired by 21st Century skills and hands-on/inquiry-based learning experiences.

Learn more about the Roosevelt Center of Sustainability.

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Press Releases & Media Coverage

Urban Farming Workshop Series: Mesa Community College Press Release

The Center for Urban Agriculture at Mesa Community College and Brooks Community School is sponsoring a nearly year-long series of environmental workshops titled “Urban Farming: Healthy Foods and Healthy Living."  The workshops are free to the general public.

Video: Circle of Life: Raising Fish Helps Raise Plants in New Farming Method

Backed by a $108,900 Environmental Protection Agency grant. Mesa Community College teamed up with RighTrac Inc. and the...

EPA Grant to College Urban Horticulture Program Aids Students in the Roosevelt School District

Mesa Community College, in partnership with the Roosevelt School District, received a two-year $108,000 grant to create an...

Mesa Community College receives agriculture grant from EPA

Excerpt: "The grant was for the environmental education,” Conden said. “We figure what’s a better way...

Coverage of Mesa Community College Urban Horticulture and Agribusiness Program Awarded EPA Environmental Education Grant

Excerpt: The Urban Horticulture and Agribusiness program at Mesa Community College (MCC), in...

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