An integral component of the AAS Degree program is an Internship within the design industry where students will receive on-the-job training and experience.

To be eligible to register for Internship credit, students must have achieved second year status and be concurrently enrolled in or have completed INT190 Space Planning.

Student Information Form

Tell us about your job or internship

Learning Objectives Form

Identify and describe learning objectives for each credit hour

An internship position must be directly related to Interior Design and must be one that will lead to mastery of new skills and/or knowledge. It is the student’s responsibility to locate a suitable work site with an Interior Design related firm. Internship opportunities are frequently posted on the Interior Design bulletin board located outside TC101 in the Technology Building.

It is the student’s responsibility to register for the appropriate INT271 section for the semester in which the internship is being completed. No credit can be given for prior work experience.

Three semester credit hours of internship are required for the AAS degree. Student must work a minimum of 80 clock hours for each credit of internship. For example, working 10 hours per week for a 16 week semester is equivalent to 160 hours and 2 credits; working 15 hours per week for a 16 week semester is equivalent to 240 hours and 3 credits. For an 8-week summer session, adjust the number of credits attempted based on ability to complete the hour requirement by the end of the session. Internship may be split over multiple semesters and/or employers, but must be done so in 80 hour blocks only.

Submit completed Information Form along with business card of employer to Faculty Advisor by the end of the 2nd week of the semester. The student will write one Learning Objective (in three parts) for each credit hour attempted.

Part 1 – What are you going to accomplish? This can be the development of a new skill, improvement of an existing skill or acquisition of knowledge related to your job requirements.

Part 2 – How are you going to accomplish your goal? Describe the activities in which you will be involved that will be used to achieve your goal. Be specific!

Part 3 – How will the achievement be demonstrated or measured? The student will keep a daily journal. A black three-ring binder will be used for this purpose. The first page will include the student’s name and contact information and the name of the employer and their contact information. A daily entry should document the student’s experiences for that day. Entries can include activities, observations, and questions. Each entry must also include the total hours worked that day. Also include examples of work performed – materials calculations, purchase orders, CAD drawings, sketches or drafting, sample boards, presentations, etc. as well as photographs.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appointment between their work supervisor and the faculty advisor.