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Welcome to the home for Cadence Virtuoso at Mesa Community College, a Maricopa community college. This page contains information about the Cadence design tools used exclusively by the Micro Circuit Mask Design program at MCC.

This new class will teach students about the Virtuoso XL Layout Editor, a connectivity-based editing tool that automates each stage of the mask design process, from component generation through automatic and interactive routing. The course will let students generate custom layouts from schematics or netlist and edit existing layouts that have defined connectivity.

Cadence screen shot of programCustom ICs

In Cadence Virtuoso, Custom IC is a term used to describe the process of creating a design that is completely unique and not imported from generic library cells.

A cell library allows users to import pre-made, generic, cells into their designs that have been determined functional for the process being used. The Custom IC portion of the class will show students how to design these customized cells, from the substrate up, without the use of the library.

Mixed-Signal ICs

In CMOS there are two general design focuses; analog and digital circuits. Analog circuits allow for calculation and prediction of variations of the sine wave potentials between positive and negative states.

Digital circuits' signals can be gauged as either being binary, with no variation in between. Mixed signal circuits are circuits that have both analog digital designs in the same chip.

Additional views of programVerification

LVS tools extract the representative mathematical data of both the schematic and the drawing, and simply compare the two to see if they are equivalent. DRC, on the other hand, stands for Design Rule Checker. DRC verifications determine that proper spacings were used between layers, and that they will not cause a problem with the design process. Using the correct spacing ensures that the physical properties of the elements used will not be altered by dopants or electrical signals in an unintended way. The understanding of verification tools, errors, also how and why to correct such errors, is a vital part of CMOS design.

Students will learn how to identify problem areas, as well as how to address them using the advanced techniques of Cadence Virtuoso.

Students will obtain practical experience in advanced electronics design using state-of-the-art CAD tools. Cadence Virtuoso is an industry standard for Mask Design CAD tools, and will provide students with valuable, highly sought-after skills the CMOS industry is looking for..

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134 . Mesa Community College is a Cadence University Program Member.

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