ITPME Learning Objectives

Theater & Film Arts

Theatre & Film Arts - ActingActing

ITPME forces the actors to use behavioral realism in developing real life character. The Meisner technique is a theatrical technique that through a brick by brick process teaches actors how to be more present and be real in the moment instead of acting. This technique has grown in popularity and is now one of the main techniques used in Film.

Universities are also shifting to use this technique more and more in their programs. By pairing Meisner training with the ITPME event it prepares the student more readily to be prepared for transfer to these schools.

Stage Management & Coordination

Provide Student Stage Managers the opportunity to coordinate and run a highly complicated event with lots of moving parts. Helps them with managing skills needed in film, television, and such shows as cirque because of all the coordination of moving parts. Creating and maintaining a safe environment with many safe scenarios.

Create an opportunity for actors to participate in high-level research regarding their assigned condition, as well as the opportunity to realize a scenario in a meaningful and convincing way.


Theatre & Film Arts - Make-upMoulage is taught as part of the THF 115 (Introduction to Make-Up for the Stage and Screen) and THF 215 (Advanced Stage Make-Up) courses, as it explored as one of the many facets of industry application. Inclusion of this component in he course design was to enhance the student’s application of basic skill sets in a broader and socially impactful way. Provide a simulated environment that mimics the pace, set-up and duties that students will encounter while working on a professional film set. Expand use and knowledge of special effects make-up.

Provide students with an exemplary opportunity to engage in high-level research in order to be able to replicate life-like injuries, disease process and other physical signs of distress.

Department of Psychological Science

Learn how specific psychological principles can be used in a real world situation. Apply those lessons during the simulated ITPME event.Psychological Science

Assimilate lessons and applications together in a document, designed to allow participants apply them in other situations