Virtual All Employee Meeting; COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning

Published Friday, March 13, 2020 - 4:47pm


Thank you for your knowledge and diligence while we plan how best to serve our students, staff and community as the impact of COVID-19 evolves. We need everyone’s energy, ideas, expertise and deep dedication to our students in order to address the myriad considerations that come into play as we move forward.

Please save the date for a virtual all employee meeting on Tuesday, March 17, at 9 am. An email confirmation will be sent once details are finalized. The meeting will be streamed and recorded so that people may participate from their offices. We are also looking into options for people to submit questions during the meeting.

My thanks to the people who have submitted questions via the Google Form Senior Associate Vice President Carmen Newland created so that we have an organized method to identify and respond to college concerns and target the needs of specific student demographics.

I am grateful to the many employees who have remained engaged over Spring Break in vital activities from dealing with emails to informing and helping prepare plans. Because Spring Break is our traditional, much-needed respite, I encourage you to carve out time in these remaining days for self-care. Take a breath, pause and make time for your personal health and well-being.

I am confident in our actions as we continue working together and supporting one another with the goal of serving our students so they continue to know we are dedicated to their success.

With appreciation,