Update on Remote Work Plan

Published Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 9:00am

Dear Colleagues,

On April 3, 2020, I sent a message extending our System’s plans for employees to work remotely until May 11. Unfortunately, I am writing today to announce that we will not return to work onsite on May 11 as we had hoped.

As we determine when to transition from working remotely back to working onsite, protecting the health and safety of our entire Maricopa community and limiting the spread of COVID-19 will remain our guiding principle. We will continue to look to guidance from state, county, and federal agencies for when we will be able to safely return to work, though we must acknowledge there is still great uncertainty amongst these agencies on what that timeline may be. This means that, at this time, we are unable to set a concrete date for return. Instead, our approach must be flexible as more information and guidance emerges over the coming weeks.

We understand many of you have personal circumstances, including childcare, eldercare and other challenges, that require advanced notification and planning in considering a return to working onsite. Because of this, we commit to providing employees with a three-week advance notice of the date we intend to return to work. This means the soonest we would return to working onsite at this time would be May 18.

I would like to note that this approach is consistent with our decision to deliver our summer session in an online-only capacity. Both decisions prioritize student and employee safety and build upon guidance from state, county, and federal agencies. In order to minimize disruptions in instruction that we experienced this semester, it was also most prudent to decide in advance to deliver the online-only schedule and provide that advance notice to our students.

In the coming weeks, the Chancellor’s Executive Committee (CEC) will guide the work to develop plans for transitioning back onsite, and these plans will include enhanced health and safety protocols. Our overriding objective is to protect the health of our employees, students, and members of the community.

Thank you for your cooperation and the continued flexibility you have all demonstrated during these uncertain times.

Please continue to check your emails for more details on our Summer and Fall planning efforts and visit together.maricopa.edu/ for the most up-to-date information and advisories.

Stay safe and healthy,