Transition to Online/Remote Learning

Published Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 3:02pm

Esteemed Colleagues,

As classes resume this week and we begin to reconnect with students, please communicate the following if you interact with students encountering technology challenges:

  • Contact your course instructor for assistance specific to your course requirements and expectations.

  • For Technical support, contact the HelpCenter by either calling 480-461-7217 or emailing

  • For information and tutorials relevant to learning online, visit Anywhere Computing.

Faculty, please be prepared to provide reasonable options for students in anticipation of challenges that will surface as they make this transition with us while we all also face the uncertainties of this time.

During challenging times, the impact of kindness and compassion make a significant difference. Let's continue to work together to support our students and one another to successfully complete this semester.

Best of luck as we enter a new phase in this experience together!