Spring 2020 Wrap-Up

Published Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 8:43pm

MCC Team Members:

The transition for students and employees to online and remote formats was successfully achieved thanks to the commitment shown by faculty and staff for our students. Institutional Advancement prepared a colorful infographic that captures just some of the massive effort that occured between March 10 and April 17. A giant THANK YOU to all our MCC employees who quickly came together to convert classes and student services to remote formats, conduct live online technology training, creatively problem solve issues as they arose, and collaboratively worked to ensure necessary changes went as smoothly as possible!

As we now move toward completing the Spring 2020 semester and preparing for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters, please take note of the following:

Semester End Dates - Most classes are scheduled to end this Friday, May 8. The end date for classes that were extended by two weeks is Saturday, May 23.

Grades - Spring courses that continued after April 9, 2020 will default to P/Z (credit/no credit) except for programs/courses with accreditation or other externally imposed grading standards that require letter grades or unless students choose to receive a letter grade according to their course syllabus grading scale. MCC President Berquam’s April 13th message to students provides additional details.

  • Student Withdrawal and Letter Grade Requests - Students who are in courses that end after May 8th CAN request withdrawal or a letter grade up until the course ends. So, for those students in courses that will not end until May 23rd, they can have this option available to them up until the 23rd.

  • Submission Deadlines - Grades are due by 5pm the Monday following the class end date: May 11 and May 25, respectively.

Summer Courses 2020 - The Interim Chancellor has announced all Summer 2020 courses will be online/alternative delivery only.

Once it is determined that the MCC campuses can begin to reopen, a phased return to campus approach will be used to ensure the continued health and safety of students and employees. The Chancellor will provide a minimum of three weeks notice before the campuses will begin to reopen.

Despite the challenges faced this semester, MCC Thunderbird faculty and staff have soared in assisting and guiding our students - and each other. Please know your innovative ideas, long hours, and generous spirits are acknowledged and appreciated.

Wishing you a THUNDERBIRD STRONG end to the Spring 2020 semester!

Carmen Newland and Nora Reyes