Return from Remote Work Update

Published Monday, December 7, at 4:53pm


We are close to completing one of the most unique semesters in our college’s history! I applaud you for your stamina, resilience, and commitment. Our students deserve the best and you strive each day to deliver.

In September, I shared with you a framework to return employees who have been working remotely to campus in a phased approach, with a note that we will pivot if needed. Based on the increased number of COVID cases throughout our county and state, we are delaying by one month the dates of our targeted milestones. The updated milestones are:

  • February - employees work 1 day per week in their regular work space
  • March - employees work 2 days per week in their regular work space
  • April - employees work 3 days per week in their regular work space

These targets may be adjusted again in the spring. MCC’s Return to Work Planning Team continues to meet regularly. Variables guiding the team’s conversations and decisions include:

  • Ensuring the safety of employees and students
  • Ensuring students have access to the services and classes needed to complete their education goals
  • Monitoring the county’s K-12 metrics
  • Monitoring state, county, and MCCCD COVID metrics

Please remember to report potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19 to ensure our data are accurate.

As previously noted, each department leader is empowered to make adjustments based on the unique details of their department and staffing for their teams. This could result in some individuals returning earlier so that student needs can be met. An example of this that occurred this semester is in the Testing Center, which has had small teams working in the office throughout the semester to serve students whose needs could not be met virtually.

As we continue to plan our return to campus, please work with your supervisor and Human Resources regarding any personal health or family concerns so that there is ample time to explore appropriate accommodations and work through options.

Once again, thank you to the many faculty and staff who have been providing in-person services to our students, employees, and community! Our continued commitment to COVID-19 safety protocols shows our care for the health and wellness of those around us.

Thunderbird Strong,