MCC Wednesday 3/18/20 Update on COVID-19 and Video Link

Published Wednesday, March 18 at 9:34pm

MCC Community,

Thank you for joining us at the virtual meeting this afternoon.

The recording from today’s all employee virtual meeting is available at Thanks to Ron Rangel and Ted Sowards in Media Services for making the live stream and recording possible. We’d also like to thank everyone who participated in and submitted questions/comments. Further clarification for many of the questions posed is provided in the message shared by the Chancellor today shortly following our virtual meeting.

College Technology Services has developed a Laptop Request form for those employees who need to request a laptop to support working remotely. Those who already have a laptop assigned, as a primary or secondary system should not request another one. If you have a personal computer at home, we recommend you rely on your home systems. Browser based applications (Canvas, SIS, HCM, FMS, etc.) allow secure access from personally owned systems and should allow for a high degree of comfort for users.

Be well!

Carmen Newland and Nora Reyes on behalf of MCC Administration