MCC Tuesday 3/17/20 Update on COVID-19 and FAQs

Published Wednesday, March 17, 2020 at 8:42pm

MCC Community,

Thank you for all the hard work everyone is doing to support our students and each other. It is wonderful to see so many people coming together and working collaboratively during this challenging time.

Please read this important update from the Interim Chancellor.

As more information about COVID-19 is released and we continue to work toward offering online instruction and remote student support, the following actions are being taken:

  • We will begin locking, securing, and deep cleaning buildings. Employees can use badge access or call 480-461-7046 for assistance with unlocking a door.

  • The Library has closed to the public for the remainder of this week. Students can access virtual support.

  • The Children’s Center has closed until April 6th.

  • Student Support Services teams are increasing the number of team members providing remote services to students and directing students to utilize email, chat, phone, and video services.

  • Academic Advising has shifted all appointments to virtual appointments using Cranium Cafe.

  • Fleet vehicle reservations for previously scheduled events are being cancelled and new reservations are suspended until further notice.

At this time, all scheduled college events should be cancelled through April 5th. This includes employee events such as Kindness Hours and the Mesa Mile and student events such as field trips, club meetings, service learning or other activities.

MCC IT is in the process of collecting all laptop carts across the campuses to image the laptops and prepare them for distribution. Managers and Department Chairs are compiling an inventory to determine the number of employees who do not have a college issued laptop/iPad or personal computing device at home. Based on needs, a limited number of laptops will be issued to employees. IT will communicate more information in the next few days. Please do not take your work desktop, mouse, keyboard, phone or other items home.

An MCC video update for employees is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at 2:00 pm. We are continuing to collect your questions. A spreadsheet of MCC COVID-19 Operational Questions and Responses is available. You must be logged into your Maricopa Google account in order to view the spreadsheet. Submit your own questions here. We are responding to questions as quickly as possible. Please check your Maricopa email frequently for updates.

As a reminder, If you are sick - please stay home!

Sent by Nora Reyes and Carmen Newland on behalf of MCC Administration