MCC Thursday 3/19/20 Update on COVID-19 and College Facility Closures

Published Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 7:45pm

MCC Community,

You have done an incredible amount of work in the last week. Thank you to everyone for proving that our Mesa Community College team is amazing!

In order to protect our MCC Community, all physical campus facilities will be closed and locked until Monday, April 6th. Please remove all items you will need from your work areas by 5pm this Friday. Do not return to campus to pick up items, water plants, or use equipment. During the physical closure, the facilities team will be doing a deep clean, and we don’t want to compromise their work by re-entering buildings. Signage is being placed on our campuses to notify students and visitors.

Important Emails, Updates, and Reminders:

  • A Service Bulletin was sent out by MCC IT to provide assistance and direction regarding support and technology tools while working remotely.

  • Interim President Dr. Lori Berquam sent an email update to MCC students.

  • Information will soon be shared regarding the MCC Greatest Need Unrestricted Fund for students that are facing unexpected financial hardships.

  • Please review the MCC Intranet Update regarding remote work agreements and complete the required processes.

We know that transitioning to working remotely can be stressful, so here is a short video with TIps for Working Remotely by Carmen Newland.

Keep hustling kindness!

Sent by Carmen Newland and Nora Reyes on behalf of MCC Administration