MCC Friday 3/13/20 Update on Covid-19 and FAQs

Published Friday, March 13, 2020 - 5:32pm

MCC Community,

MCC has created a Coronavirus Information webpage that I suggest everyone take a moment to review, especially the FAQ section.

Thank you for all the great questions and wonderful ideas that have been submitted for MCC Administration to review. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and responses based on the information that is currently available:

What classes are meeting next week and what services are open?

  • In-person and in-person components of hybrid classes are not meeting the week of March 16th-20th.*

  • Online classes are still scheduled to reconvene on March 16th, they are not postponed.*

  • Online classes scheduled to start on Monday, March 16th will begin as scheduled.*

  • Hybrid classes scheduled to start on Monday, March 16th can begin the online component of the class as scheduled.*

  • The College is open and services are still available to students. If any services are reduced or closed, there will be updates on the MCC Coronavirus Information webpage.

*Students may be confused by the messages they are receiving, so please be flexible and work with your students. It is recommended that you message your students and relax any deadlines for next week.

Will all courses be converted to online for the remainder of the semester?

If the decision is made that in-person classes will not meet for an extended period of time, Faculty will work to identify appropriate alternate delivery formats. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is available to assist and has put up a webpage with information for continuity of instruction.

If we convert courses to an online format, what happens if students do not have a computer or internet access at home?

We have received many questions about how students who don't have computers or internet at home will be able to switch to an online format. We are aware that this is a reality and have noted this as an issue to work through next week.

Should MCC students who are employed as Part-Time Employees or Federal Work Study come to work the week of March 16th?

Per District Human Resources, students who are Part-Time Employees or Federal Work Study should work with their supervisors to determine if they will work next week. If the student decides not to work, they will not be paid. Full-Time Employees should follow normal time reporting practices if they need to call out sick or can’t report to work for other reasons.

Will staff be able to remotely work or telecommute?

This may be an option if the Maricopa District continues to postpone in-person courses or closes, but not for next week. Next week will be all-hands on deck to flesh out our remote student-facing processes, which should help inform any remote work options in the coming weeks. We’re confident that, without large numbers of students on campus, we can maintain appropriate personal distances and cleanliness for staff.

Will employees be provided options to attend meetings remotely to avoid large gatherings of people?

Yes, an all college meeting is being scheduled and the plan is to stream the meeting so that employees can attend from their offices or work locations. It is recommended that all college meeting organizers include the ability for participants to attend by phone, video conferencing, google hangouts, or other remote options.

Please continue to submit your questions to this google form. Misinformation and mixed messages are always a challenge in a situation like this. Please know that MCC Leadership is working collaboratively to provide updated, accurate information on a timely basis.

Sent by Carmen Newland on behalf of MCC Leadership