GPS in the time of COVID-19

Published Monday, April 27, 2020 at 8:01am


As we continue to face the COVID-19 threat with courage and grace, I am inspired by our college community’s ongoing commitment to transforming the student experience through Guided Pathways to Success (GPS). All of the hard work we’ve done to prepare for implementing the first iteration of GPS in 2020 has been particularly timely because it has helped us to quickly adapt to the realities of serving students in a COVID-19 environment. I would like to highlight the following exciting improvements as a result of all our continued efforts:

  • As part of our Developmental Education redesign, students have multiple placement measures available to them for Fall 2020. English, math, and reading course offerings have been redesigned to shorten the developmental education sequences and to provide corequisite and embedded support for college-level courses.
  • ThOR (Thunderbird Orientation & Registration) is now offered as an online experience. Future phases will include a redesigned web page dedicated to walking through the steps to enrollment as well as online and in-person options to assist with registration.
  • Starting Fall 2020, in addition to static pathway maps on the web, enrolled students who have chosen a pathway will have access to a new educational planning tool called Pathway Planner to guide them in adapting their pathway plan to reflect their needs, interests, and end goals.
  • In mid-September, students will have the opportunity to participate in a Fields of Interest Kick-off event, either virtually or in person. At the event, students will learn about the pathways, opportunities, and careers related to each Field of Interest.

Because of the hard work of our college community, we are making great strides toward helping all of our students succeed. Your continued engagement in the work of GPS in the coming months will be critical as we work together to redesign the student experience at MCC.

Stay tuned for details of the great GPS events and accomplishments to come!

Stay Thunderbird Strong!