Farewell Spring, Hello Summer

Published Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 9:14am

MCC Community,

As we bid farewell to our spring semester and look forward to summer, we’d like to reiterate some important points as well as provide clarification for some questions that have surfaced:

  • Summer session classes are all online.

  • Summer 4/10 days will begin the week of May 25th (vacation day on Monday, May 25 with Friday, May 29th as the first Friday we are closed). We return to 5 day weeks on Monday, August 10th.

  • Business hours for services to the community and conducting meetings will be Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm.

  • Services will be offered remotely until the Chancellor announces our return to physically working on campus, at which time we will begin a phased return of employees working on campus.

  • Blackboard Answer Centers are still available to take calls 24/7.

  • SP20 classes that did not complete due to hands on work will be able to go to campus starting on June 15th (if approved) to complete coursework. Services will remain closed. Students will go from “car-to-classroom-to-car”.

  • The Chancellor will provide 3 weeks notice before employees may begin returning back to campus. We do not have a date yet.

  • In-person services will re-open using a phased approach. Employees may be able to return to use their offices (with limitations) before we are open to the public, but this date has not yet been determined.

  • Fall courses will be a combination of online, hybrid, and in-person (if approved) with plans in place should we have to once again move to remote learning.

  • District and College teams are working through the logistics of physical distancing, cleaning, and personal protective equipment.

  • Enrollment is down for summer and fall. We all need to work together to recruit and retain students. The Fall schedule is still being modified to include more online/hybrid options.

  • Employees need to continue to have duties and responsibilities they can complete remotely for all hours reported; there have been no discussions of furloughs.

Of particular interest to faculty: In response to the Spring Pandemic, the default grading option was changed to P/Z with the letter grade as an option (in consultation with instructor), and last week policy language was finalized to allow a Grade Type Change (due to P/Z). In support of these policy and process changes, the district SIS team has introduced an update to add an Alternate Grade field to all rosters. To support record keeping needs related to the Grade Type Change process, the Alternate Grade field should be used to store the letter grade that would have been earned by students who did not request the letter grade option for the class. The official grade should be recorded in the roster grade field. Only the roster grade field will display on the transcript. If a student opted for a letter grade, no entry in the alternate grade field is required. If rosters are already graded, there is no requirement to go back in and add the "alternate" grade. This one page document can be used for reference.

As always, we will continue to work together in the best interests of our students and in service to our community. Thank you for your patience, persistence, and dedication to student success as we have faced and overcome many challenges this semester.

Let’s stay Thunderbird Strong!