Door Access

Published Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 6:37am

Good Morning MCC Community

During the last few days, the environment of our campuses have been changing rapidly. With the recent guidance from District and our administration, the MCC Campuses has very limited personnel on site. With safety and security in mind, it has been decided that until April 5 (for now), that all outer doors on campus will remain in a lock status. Employees will still be able to access areas by their card access badge or key. College Police employees are still on duty and ready to assist in opening doors.

For those of us that remain on campus, stay vigilant and if you see something, say something. Remember if you need a police officer call 480-784-0911 or for all other assistance 480-461-7046.

From College Police Thank-You.


Steve Lieber, Commander
Maricopa County Community College Police Department