Celebrating Our Graduates

Published Friday, May 8, 2020 at 11:12am

Message co-authored by Lori Berquam and Marcy Snitzer


Please join us in celebrating our graduates! Today, May 8, was our scheduled graduation ceremony, so let’s celebrate today AND continue our celebration for the next few weeks. Consider posting a congratulatory message on social media using the hashtag #mesacc2020grad or reaching out directly to any graduates you know.

With the disappointing necessity to cancel our in-person ceremony, and knowing that our semester end will vary for our students due to class extensions, the graduation committee has worked diligently to outline other options for the Class of 2020. Based on student focus groups and a poll sent to all our graduates, here is our plan:

  • A special in-person ceremony will be held December 2020. An in-person ceremony was the preferred format based on student feedback. We’re still determining the specific date and location. Once those details are finalized, we’ll share the information with you via email and on our website at mesacc.edu/graduation.
  • MCC is launching a special social media campaign to celebrate and recognize our graduates’ accomplishments. From May 26 to June 8, the MCC homepage becomes a tribute to our 2019-2020 grads with celebratory images posted by our grads, their family and friends, and MCC employees! Post on social media using #mesacc2020grad. Twitter and Instagram are preferred and the profile must be set to public, but Facebook is also ok. Those without social media accounts may email images/ messages, with the subject line 2019-20 Grad, to alumni@mesacc.edu.

In addition to populating the banner area on the MCC homepage, images and messages from the celebration will be displayed on the MCC Graduation website beyond June 8.

  • The Graduation website will also feature individuals who were scheduled to speak at our spring, in-person ceremony as well as link to a downloadable Graduation Program containing the names of all summer 2019, fall 2019, and spring 2020 graduates. There will also be an option for individuals to request a printed version.
  • A memento will be mailed to each graduate to commemorate their accomplishments and welcome them to the MCC Alumni Association.

Messages were sent to our graduates on April 21 and May 7 with the above details as well as information about refunds for the ceremony fee and how to order regalia through our new online store.

Congratulations to you for helping so many complete their degrees and certificates and reach this pinnacle of academic achievement.

Onward Thunderbirds!

Lori M. Berquam, Ph.D.
Interim President

Marcy Snitzer
MCC Graduation Tri-Chair
Interim Director, Institutional Advancement