Water Safety Day

Did You Know?

During 2012, 20 children drowned and about eight children were seriously injured.  The year before, 16 children drowned.  Drownings are a top cause of injury-related death for Arizona children.  These drownings, as well as the deaths from past years, could have been prevented.  It is important for all members of the community to know and practice the ABCs (adult supervision, barriers, and classes) of water safety.

Children drown in Maricopa County needlessly every year. It's the second most common cause of injury for children in our state.  In addition to the risk of death, many victims who nearly drowned suffer permanent neurological impairment.

The 14th annual Water Safety Day is the Valley's kickoff to the 2013 swimming season. Phoenix Children's Hospital is at the center of the effort to educate parents and children in water safety and partners with the Maricopa County Community College District to host the event each year. The 2013 Water Safety Day program will be held at South Mountain Community College.

We would like to thank the 450-500 volunteers who work hard to make this yearly event a success.  In addition to our volunteers, we are continuously supported by the valley fire departments, and of course the Maricopa Community College District. Mesa Community College has been the community leader in continuous support of the program since its inception in 1999.

Join PCH and MCC in supporting this nationally recognized safety program by volunteering. Contact Carol Achs at carol.achs@mesacc.edu or call 480-461-7742 to learn how you can help.