Jeff Case

Deputy Chief/Shift Commander Phoenix Fire Department

Jeff has been with the Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) for 26 years with career progression as Firefighter, Firefighter Paramedic, Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief, and is currently working as a Deputy Chief/Shift Commander/Responding Chief and helps manage the Phoenix Fire Department's Command Training Center. Jeff spent his time as a Company Officer on Engine Company 18, the busiest fire truck in the City of Phoenix. Jeff is a member of the PFD USAR Task Force 1 and responded to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Jeff has been a faculty member with Mesa Community College for 17 years,
and currently manages and teaches in the College's Fire Officer Leadership program. Jeff is an adjunct instructor for Texas A&M University in the Emergency Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction program.

Jeff has a Bachelor's degree in Fire Service Management and graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Masters of Education in 2012.