Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds DayGood Deeds Day Good Deeds Day is a global day that unites people from 108 countries to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet.

Lorraine R. Served 2.5 hours at the i.d.e.a. MuseumLorraine R.Lorraine R.

ACTIVITY: Assembling activity kits to be used by museum visitors.

FAVORITE PART: It's a simple activity that helps out the museum staff be ready for visitors or prepare kits for classroom virtual outreach.

YOUR BIGGEST IMPACT: I don't directly see the impact, but I hope the families that come to the museum enjoy and benefit from the activity packets that I help assemble.

MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE: Volunteering doesn't have to be "big" or public. You can help behind the scenes and still make an impact on the community.

Elizabeth D.Elizabeth D. Elizabeth D. Spent Time Picking Up Trash in her Neighborhood

ACTIVITY: I picked up trash at my local park and around my neighborhood.

FAVORITE PART: I felt that I made the area for beautiful and more habitable for animals.

BIGGEST IMPACT: I inspired others to follow suit and help clean up their local environments.