Mesa Community College's Center for Community & Civic Engagement has partnered with several organizations that offer these AmeriCorps opportunities:

Be involved in the community and make a difference!

Program Information

AmeriCorps is a national service program initiated by President Clinton, often referred to as the "domestic Peace Corps." AmeriCorps provides thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with education awards in exchange for their service to local communities. Nationally, over 80,000 AmeriCorps Members annually help to meet the nation's most critical needs in the areas of economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, disaster preparedness, veterans and military families and healthy futures.

Benefits of Joining AmeriCorps

In exchange for valuable community service, members receive an education award that can be applied to qualified school loans or to current education expenses. The award amount depends on the term of service completed.

Beyond the education award, Members:

  • Receive leadership training
  • Gain practical experience in their future career field
  • Become more civically engaged in the local community
  • Boost their marketability for post-service job searches

Questions or concerns? Contact the Center for Community & Civic Engagement at 480-461-7393 or visit in person at either the Southern & Dobson or Red Mountain for help.