Reflections on ServiceReflections on Service A large component of service-learning is to reflect on your experience. 

Below we have a student who offered to share a short reflection on their service-learning experience:

Janeth-Quintero, Edwin Upshaw, Cindy Swain, and Jovani Hernandez served for CRE101 in Anna McWhirter's Class

Janeth-Quintero served 18 hours at Skywest Dental as a Dental Assistant and receptionist. She got to help the community and worked with foster children and uninsured individuals with their dental hygiene.

Edwin Upshaw served 18 hours at Strut on Dobson and Broadway. AZ Strut is a refurbish and recycling company for all electronics; the computers that are refurbished are donated back to schools across Arizona. While serving, he did security swipes, monitor testing, and installed software. 


Cindy Swain served 20 hours at St. Vincent De Paul thrift store in Apache Junction, AZ. My service entailed sorting donations and providing customer service to store patrons. My service learning has furthered my knowledge of community resources and how to better interpret people.


Jovani Hernandez served 50 hours at AZ State Veteran Home. He was also the service learning assistant for Professor Anna McWhirter’s CRE101 class. He was in charge of managing the Service Learning database and handling all the paperwork, certificates, and helping out students with their service learning issues. The Service-Learning department program helps students get the experience they need in the career they are interested in or majoring in. It also gives students the opportunity to earn credits while serving our community.

“While serving at AZ State Veteran Home I was part of the recreational Therapy department helping veterans with cognition exercises,technology classes, social gatherings, strength exercises and music therapy. I also gave a PTSD Presentation for my Psychology and culture class to help military personnel get the help they need and to get experience in that field. I am a veteran myself, so I was able to understand the jargon being used by our military veterans. Through my experience of serving there, I realized how people take things in life for granted such as their health, physical mobility, and independence. I love helping veterans, who like myself, gave everything to serve our country, our military, and our freedom. They say “Once a Marine, always a Marine” so I feel obligated to serve our veterans and to show that they are still an important part of this community and world. 


Mackenzie served 15 hours for her Recreation 120 Class

"I did my service-learning at the Phoenix Zoo.  While serving at the Phoenix Zoo I learned much about their different conservation efforts and educational programs. The Phoenix Zoo raises millions of dollars each year in order to provide funding for local conservation and beautiful, unique, animal exhibits. I had the pleasure to work and serve as a Monkey Village volunteer. This animal exhibit is the only one of its kind and is home to sixteen Squirrel monkeys. The exhibit lets visitors experience their habitat and actually enter an enclosure in which there are monkeys swinging from trees and crossing in front of guests. I learned so much about the habitat and the Squirrel monkeys that live there. I got to interact with guests and educate them on the behaviors and that particular monkey species.  Overall it was a great learning experience and I look forward to continue volunteering at the Phoenix Zoo!" - Mackenzie Miller


Marinda served 20 hours for EDU 221 - Introduction To Education

"Service-Learning is a really great program that they have available here at MCC. It is a great way to get involved and also gives a sample of working in an environment related to your major.  As I took a class in education, I was able to go and volunteer at a school. I want to be a fitness teacher so I was able to go and volunteer in a high school aerobics class. As I assisted the teacher it really helped me see how to become a better teacher. Coach Corte was very interactive and understood the needs of all her students. 

Since I was able to do service learning, it really helped me see what it takes to be a teacher.  Also this experience  helped me see that I wanted to do something a little different then I was planning on. Now I have the same major, but I know the direction I would like to take.  If I had not done service-learning, I would have continued on my original course and would have found out later that I didn’t want to do that after all. I was really glad I was able to do service-learning and know what I really want to do."


Earnestine served 15 hours for COM 100 - Intro to Communication

"When I enrolled in my Communication class, I did not know what to expect or get out of the class until we had to get into groups and choose an agency to serve and volunteer.  I had been volunteering for many years at my church helping out with the food bank, and with the Goodwill, sorting clothes, cleaning shelves, and organizing the store.

However, the experience that I gained doing this project with my group was very rewarding because I actually had to get involved and engaged and become a donor myself to the Leukemia Foundation.  Once the Director told me that the African American database need more donors, I sprang into action and approached the minorities on campus and got them to understand that this disease was killing our race and we needed to act now.  The Director said it was the best turnout she ever had on campus, and that made it all more worth me and my group member's effort worthwhile.  When I do receive that phone call stating that I am a match for someone and could save their life, it will not only change their life but mine also, and to donate life is the best gift that I could ever give anyone."


Stephanie served 22 hours for CRE101 - Creative Writing

My reasoning for choosing to work with the NAACP for my service learning was to help the community and the students of MCC achieve their dreams.  I showed to the students in the NAACP group that they themselves are just as important to society as the next person.  The knowledge and experiences I've gained through life helped me show people the drive I have to become the best at anything and everything I set out to do.  My contributions and skills allowed me to put together a Thanksgiving event, which I called Unity Feast; it was a great success.  I believe my contributions to NAACP Mesa Chapter was appreciated and successful.  


Jasmin served 100+ hours for AmeriCorps under the UCAN Serve grant

"I was really happy working for Helen's Hope Chest for the short time I was there.  It was really awesome to be a part of such a great cause.  While working there, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, learn of all kind of foster cases, and the best part of it is being able to help all the foster children pick out clothes and help them choose outfits.  I absolutely enjoyed the "behind the scenes" part of it; washing the clothes and separating the good from the bad pieces of clothing, making sure that each family has the best quality to choose from.  I'd like to soon have another opportunity to go back and volunteer again and have a chance at putting smiles on the families faces."  - Jasmin Tomic


Kaila conducted a Food Drive at MCC for the United Food Bank

Kaila recently conducted a Food Drive on MCC campus for the United Food Bank. Her final total of food collected was over 368 lbs. As she followed through with her project she learned great lessons. She said, “I found it interesting that the people who brought in the most were those who had once been in need themselves”. She also noticed that a main motive for giving was because students had a desire to help others. In addition, many others donated because they simply were asked to. Kaila concludes, “While the drive was not the success I had hoped it would be, I was still able to do some good.  368 lbs. is still more than 0 lbs. If nothing else I helped raise awareness of the needs of Arizona.” - Kaila