Promote Your Organization

Agency Promotion Methods

Online Partner Database

The Online Partner Database can be found at under the Service Sites section.  This database is where guests can search for an agency to serve at.  

Community Partners are encouraged to keep their entries brief, yet appealing.  Entry updates are made prior to the beginning of the Fall & Spring semesters; if agencies do not respond, the postings will be closed.  


VolunteerFest is a free fair-style event that happens about the third week of the Fall & Spring semester at our Southern & Dobson and Red Mountain Campuses. The latest information on the VolunteerFest can be found here.

Agencies can interact and talk face-to-face with those who are interested in serving with their organization. It is also a great chance to network with other agency representatives. Invites are sent out several weeks prior to the event.  If an approved agency does not receive an invitation, please contact the department.  


Connections Luncheon

The Connections Luncheon gives agency representatives the chance to network with the faculty who incorporate service-learning in their classrooms.  It is only held during the Fall semester at the Southern & Dobson Campus and usually follows one of the Expo days.


Community Corner

  • Display Cases – There are two display cases at the Southern & Dobson campus for agencies to display promotional materials. One case is for service opportunities and the other is for events. Agencies can email or mail Dawn any flyers to post.
  • Resource Drawer/Brochure Rack – Agencies can also submit brochures and forms for the file drawer.  To check what is on file or submit new materials, please contact Dawn.


MCC Serves

MCC Serves is a page for one shot or short term events.  If an agency would like to post an opportunities, we encourage it is sent in advance.  On this page, there is a link to a online form for service sites to complete.



Become a fan of our Facebook page. We periodically post service opportunities of our agencies.


Community Engagement Advisory Board

The Board consists of MCC faculty, staff, and students as well as partners. We meet once a month, typically from September – November and then from February – April for about 1.5 hours. This is a wonderful networking opportunity!



From time to time, faculty invite agency representatives into their classes to promote their organization and/or to cover a topic that the class is discussing (i.e. domestic violence, mentoring).


Word of Mouth

This is probably your best form of marketing. When our students have a great experience, they will tell their classmates, friends, and faculty.