Engagement Posters

At the Spring 2014 Convocation, the Center for Service-Learning was renamed the Center for Community & Civic Engagement.  In addition to our speaker from DeAnza College around Civic Engagement, Community Engagement Posters were featured.  These posters highlight the work students have done on- & off-campus through Mesa Community College classes, organizations, and education programs.  In addition, 94 responses were collected to our college-wide question "Are you community engaged?".  To view the responses, click here: CE Responses - Grouped by Department and Type.docx

Poster #1: Literacy Outreach

Highlights developmental reading classes and the literacy outreach program.  Features the Making a Difference grant being used toward a service-learning project.

Poster #2: Service Learning Projects

Highlights America Reads, Dr. Seuss Birthday, and the Guanajuato Study Abroad Program.  Details the work done for community partners by service-learning students.

Poster #3: Unity through Communication

Focuses on specific projects, such as the Red Mountain Halloween Extravaganza, community service performed by Communications 100 and Counseling & Personal Development 150, and the Peace Pole dedication.  Discusses Counseling and the Children's Benefit Foundation Week without Violence.  

Poster #4: Artistic Engagement

Details the work of specific Art, Photography, and Art History classes.  Describes and features projects for the MCC Rose Garden.

Poster #5: Theatrical Engagement 

Features the work of different theater classes, including Theater Production, Acting, and Directing Techniques.  

Poster #6: Beautifying the Environment

Examines the work of Geographic Information Students, the Geospatial Technologies Program, Biology and the Environmental Action Club, and the Urban Horticulture program.

Poster #7: Supporting the Community

Describes how the Social Work Program provides various means of support to the community.  Describes the Empty Bowls charity and visiting the Arizona State Capital for Social Work Day.  

Poster #8: Educational Outreach

Reviews the work of the Future Educators Club, the E.H. Warren Child Development Lab, and the Teachers of Language Learners-Learning Community among other projects through the Education Studies Department.  

Poster #9: Social and Cultural Engagement

Features student work in Sociology, Psychology, and English classes.  Highlights work of Psi Beta, the National Honor Society for students of Psychology.  

Poster #10: Contemplation and Reflection

Describes the student work of different Philosophy and Religious Studies classes.


Poster #11: Health and Wellness

Highlights the community work of Nutrition, Nursing, Recreation, Biology, and Dental Hygiene students.  

Poster #12: Health and Wellness

Describes in more detail the work of the Dental Hygiene students, including their work with the Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association.  

Poster #13: Engaging Fashionably

Details the work of different fashion classes, including merchandising, retailing, and fashion history.