Instructions on Operating Equipment

If you are an instructor at MCC and you would like a technician to show you how to operate the equipment in your classroom, feel free to contact the HelpCenter and schedule an appointment.  (480)461-7217.

Control Systems and Remote Controls:

When first entering a room you may notice one of three ways to control the audio visual in your classroom. Please remember this when reading the self help instructions below.

  1. Push-Button Control System
  2. Touch-Screen Control System
  3. Projector's Remote Control

 Extron 226 Push-Button control systemPush-Button

Extron TLP Touch-Screen control systemTouch-Screen

Remote-Control turning on Projector with On buttonProjector's Remote

Basic Classroom Operation

Once you have located the control system, all classrooms work in the same general manner.  

  1. Press the ON button.  
  2. Wait for the projector to warm up. (35 seconds - 2 min)
  3. Select the appropriate input for what you would like to watch.
  4. Adjust the volume if needed.
  5. Turn OFF projector when you are done.

For more detailed instructions, feel free to contact CTS Media through the HelpCenter and arrange for an AV Tech to meet you in the room for a demonstration.

Basic Troubleshooting

About 95% of all Audiovisual service requests are resolved with the following troubleshooting!

  • Is everything turned on and ready? 
  • Are the cables plugged in correctly? 
  • Is the correct input selected on the control system? 
  • Are the device settings correct? (display, software, drivers)

How do I hook my Laptop Computer up to the big screen?

Classroom AV Wall PlateWall Plate

In most classrooms it is possible to hook up your personal Laptop up to the projection system.

The cables to hookup your laptop are usually located as a loose cable at the lectern, or inside of a recessed cable cubby in the podium top surface.  There may also be a wall plate around the perimeter of the classroom where you can plug in laptop cables.  Laptop video cables will usually be VGA, but some new rooms also have HDMI cables.

Once you have located the appropriate cables, please proceed to the following steps:

  1. Plug VGA (or HDMI) cable into your Laptop and plug in laptop's Power Cable.
  2. Turn ON the projection system using the control system.
  3. Turn ON your Laptop.  Log into Windows or Mac OS. 
  4. Switch inputs on the control system.   It is difficult to know which input your laptop port is, so here are some options to try.  (Laptop 1, Laptop 2, RGB 1, RGB 2) Try all of the different inputs listed before proceeding. If  you would like to know which input the laptop is on for sure, contact a CTS Media Tech and we can meet you in the room to assess the wiring.
  5. At this point you may have an image on the screen!

    If so, congratulations you are ready to go! If not please proceed to step 6.

  6. VGA Cable (Male)VGA Cable Toggle your Laptop?

    Most current laptops do not need to be 'Toggled", however if the video is not being sent out of your laptop at this point you may need to "Toggle" it.

    To do this, hold the FUNCTION key on your laptop and tap the corresponding F key until the image is on both screens.

    Every laptop's toggle key varies, so here's how to find out which F key to hit. When we say F key we are referring to the row of keys at the very top of your keypad. They are F1, F2 ,F3, F4...through F12. Some of those keys may have little pictures, or symbols near their number.

    We are looking for a F key that says, "LCD", "Projector", "CRT", or it may have an image of a "Screen", "Projector", or "Boxes". Once you have located the appropriate button, HOLD DOWN the lower FUNCTION key, and TAP your corresponding F KEY.

    Picture of Keyboard action of holding Function and F4 keyToggling (For older laptops) Your screen may flicker or turn black. This is good. Just repeat the same action until you have the image on both your projector, and your laptop. Please give the Laptop and the projector a few moments between toggles. If you still have no image, switch to the other RGB input on the projector's remote control and try to toggle again.

  7. Don't Panic.

    It's still not working?  Call HelpCenter and ask for a Media Technician, and we will gladly assist you. 480-461-7217.

How do I adjust the volume for my room?

Typically MCC classroom audio should be controlled by the classroom's control system.  (Push-Button, Touch-Screen, or Remote Control system.  See above to help identify which  your room has.)  If your classroom has a set of stand-alone PC speakers at the lectern, then you would use the volume knob on those speakers.  Also, don't forget that if you are playing back computer audio, there are several places inside the computer where you can adjust the volume.  (Computer's Volume and YouTube player are common settings to check.) 

Why is it so important for me to turn off the LCD projector?

LCD projectors generate intense heat in order to maintain brightness, which, if left on for extended periods of time can cause internal damage to the machine. In addition, they have a limited bulb-life, so please turn them off when not in use.

To shut down a projector, aim the remote control at the projector press twice and hold the Off button for three seconds, or simply press the display OFF button on  your control system.  

Note: Pic Mute does not preserve lamp life or help the projector. If anything, it is actually worse for the projector if used longer than 10-15 minutes.  This is because the lamp is still on at full strength, but the panel inside the projector is attempting to block all of the light, which causes a lot of heat and effort.  This could definitely result in reduced lamp life and LCD panels being damaged.  If you need to mute the image for longer than 10-15 minutes, please turn OFF the projector while it is not in use.