Results Outreach Committee (ROC) Proposal Submittal Form

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ROC Project Title:
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Abstract: Write a concise overview describing the project, timeline, and intended outcome (120 word limit).
Intended Outcome of Project: Explain how the project will benefit 1) students, 2) the college-wide outcomes assessment endeavor, and 3) the educational climate of the college.
Timeline: Describe start/finish dates and schedule of activities. Delineate these by Summer I, Summer II, Spring and/or Fall. If working as a group, state the primary responsibility of each team member.
Compensation Needs: Provide a detailed budget, including resources and/or expenses needed in order to complete the project. Be specific and include a rationale for each. Proposal expenses may be accepted as is or with noted modifications. Indicate if you are willing to accept partial awards.

Dissemination of Completed Project:

Participants will be expected to showcase their project on the SOC page of the Office and Research and Planning website either as a scholarly report in PDF format, an html overview, or an interactive web page. The technical help required to accomplish this task will be provided by ROC. Please use good judgement in the scope of your request. Proposals must be less than three pages.

Please email Tim Florschuetz ( or Betty Parisek (, SOC co-chairs, with any questions.