Initial Tuition Due Dates

Please Note: After the first due date of the semester, a class due date will be the date that the student enrolls in classes. The only exceptions are those classes that are late start and OEE.

Late start classes follow the same 35 day rule but vary depending on when the class starts.

OEE class due dates will always be 10 days before the class begins.

If a student enroll in an OEE class 9 days before it begins, the due date will be the day the student registers.

Fall 2018 

Date Action
3/19/2018  Open registration begins for all students
7/29/2018 Tuition Deadline
7/30/2018 Enrollment Cancellation Begins

On Tuesday July 31, 2018, Enrollment Cancellation will run daily.  

Note: Fall Tuition Due Date is Sunday, July 29th. If payment is not made by due date, students will be dropped from class(es) on Monday, July 30th. Once dropped payment in full or payment arrangements must be made by the student within 24 hours of registering.