Cash advances are for travel-related expenditures or miscellaneous expenses for special events or programs. Advances are only issued for group or team travel that includes students; please check with the fiscal office when it is needed.

Requesting a Cash Advance

  • A cash advance is requested through a CFS requisition created within your department.
  • Cash Advances for events must have an approved Official Function on file with Fiscal Services.
  • A check is issued at the District Office and delivered to MCC Cashier Services.
  • Cashier Services will contact the recipient when the check is available for pick up.

After a Cash Advance is received by the Recipient

  • Any remaining cash and all original receipts must be turned into Cashier Services within (5) working days after completion of the event.
  • If after the 5th business day the Cash Advance has not been returned, a reminder email will be sent to the employee.
  • If after the 7th business day the cash advance is not returned, the employee’s direct supervisor will be contacted and will be asked to follow up with the employee.
  • If after the 10th business day the cash advance has not been returned to the Cashiers Office, the Dean/Vice President or College President will be contacted. If there is no return of receipts or cash, further action towards collection will be discussed at that level.
  • Cash Advances must be returned to Cashier Services if the event is cancelled or if you no longer need to use the advance.
  • If a team or an employee didn't stay at a hotel for the anticipated days, then the employee or coach is responsible for getting the refund to reimburse Mesa Community College from the hotel.
  • Fund safeguarding is the custodian's/cash recipient’s responsibility and lost funds must be repaid by the custodian.

Returning a Cash Advance to Cashier Services

The advance recipient is responsible for ensuring that their cash advance is complete and accurate prior to submitting it to Cashier Services:

  • For lodging, an itemized receipt listing all specific charges must be submitted. Any unauthorized services such as movies, room service, phone calls, and internet service may not be included in the expense totals.
  • Make sure other non-business related expenses (Ex. alcohol or personal gift) are not included on the receipts.
  • For per diem, fill out an Expense Claim Form or provide a list of participants with their signatures and the dollar amount given per day. (Note: ONLY spend the approved per diem and DO NOT use excess meal money for Supplies).
  • For study abroad trip, the employee is required to include the conversion rate on the day you exchanged the currency as part of the documents to close out the advance.
  • All receipts must clearly indicate the items purchased and the name of the vendor/store. All receipts must coincide with the purpose indicated on the Cash Advance.
  • Expenditures must be spent after the check is picked up from Cashier Services.

The advance recipient is required to complete the Cash Expenditures Envelope when he/she turns in the unused funds, original and paid receipts to Cashier Services:

  • List of all the expenses in the middle section.
  • Calculate total receipts and amount returned to Cashier Service (Use the back of the envelope if you need more space).
  • Fill in the Dates and Time Left and Returned from the trip, if applicable.
  • Sign the Cash Expenditures Envelope above the Advance Recipient’s Signature line.
  • Write your contact number at the top of the envelope.

Cashier Services Staff will verify unused funds at the Staff Window and give the recipient a copy of the Cash Advance Return Verification Form to the Advance Recipient. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

After a Cash Advance is received by Cashier Services

Cash Advance

  • The advance is reconciled by the Cashier Staff for its accuracy, completeness, and proper use of funds. The advance recipient will be contacted if there are any discrepancies or if additional information is needed.
  • Cashier Services deposits the unused funds into the advanced account via a Department Receipt.
  • Cashier Services Staff forwards a copy of the Cash Expenditure Envelope to Fiscal Services if the recipient has spent over the advanced amount. The reimbursement process is initiated by the recipient or the Departmental Secretary through the CFS requisition process.
  • Cashier Staff signs the Cash Expenditures Envelope indicating approval and encloses all documents in the envelope, then forwards to District Accounts Payable.
  • Advances are subject to audit and need to follow District policy and procedures.