New Student Orientation

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Academic Advisement

Southern & Dobson

Building: 39 
P: 480-461-7222  
F: 480-461-7858

Student Life & Leadership

Red Mountain

Building: RDM M, M210
P: 480-654-7759  
F: 480-654-7201

MCC's New Student Orientation is required of all new to college students and is a fun way to learn about campus resources, student life and more! 

Attending this interactive session will help you build a solid foundation of student success. 

At the Southern and Dobson campus students will attend the Thunderbird Orientation and Registration and at the Red Mountain Campus students will attend the Student Success Experience. 

Thunderbird Orientation and Registration at Southern and Dobson

Students attending the Thunderbird Orientation and Registration Session will have an opportunity to meet new students, receive a campus tour, get important information about campus, and meet with an academic advisor to register for classes. This will fulfill the advising and orientation mandatory requirement. 

Orientation sessions are offered twice a week October and November and three times a week in December and January.

Students must register  for this event by either visiting the New Student Welcome Room (EC114) in the Enrollment Center Building 39 or by clicking on the blue button to complete the online registration  form. 

Register for Orientation Now!

New Student Orientation at Red Mountain

Students will have the opportunity to get introduced to the Red Mountain Campus including all the support services we have to offer after they have seen an advisor to pick out classes. This mandatory new student experience will help students get off to a successful start. For the Spring 2018 semester, Orientation is offered on Saturday January 13th at 10:00 am. Students will need to sign up in their Student Center using section number 22891 for the Spring 2018 semester. If you need assistance in enrolling please visit or call Red Mountain Enrollment Services in the Mesquite building or at 480-654-7600. 

Student Success Experience at Red Mountain

Student Success Experience logo

Offered in the Fall,  this two-day orientation experience, students will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, academic advisors, and be connected to various campus resources.  

Attendees will have an opportunity to receive free scholarships. Students attending this session will need to meet with an advisor separately in order to register for classes.

Students must register in Enrollment Services located in the Mesquite building.