Results Outreach Committee

The Results Outreach Committee (ROC) is a sub-committee of MCC’s Student Outcomes Committee(SOC). Its mission is to provide a mechanism and the resources to support faculty and/or departments in developing outcomes-based initiatives directly linked to assessment results data.

What is the purpose of ROC?

ROC was initiated to promote the use of outcomes data in relation to faculty development, pedagogy, and academic climate. Furthermore, the committee has a mandate to encourage and stimulate faculty, departments, interdisciplinary teams to develop specific outcomes-based initiatives or projects based on assessment data and Provide the mechanisms and/or resources for these outcomes-based initiatives.

What is a ROC proposal?

ROC proposals are submitted by faculty seeking to develop instructional initiatives or projects based on MCC’s outcomes assessment results. Preference is given to proposals that involve groups of faculty or entire departments and demonstrate a long-term benefit to students and the academic climate. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Compensation depends upon the nature of the project and might include grants, resources or support, stipends, expenditures, equipment, or recognition. Proposals will be reviewed by an ad-hoc faculty committee comprising SOC and ROC members.

How does a ROC proposal differ from an EDP grant or a Kaleidoscope project?


Purpose of project

Instructional content

Course development

Instructional initiatives based on college-wide student outcomes assessment results

Submitted by

Individual or groups of faculty

Individual faculty

Groups of faculty or departments. Interdisciplinary teams encouraged

Time of project


Academic year

Summer and academic year



Reassign time


Operational oversight


Dean of Instruction

Senate (SOC/ROC as subcommittees of senate)

Use of project results

Individual faculty, course, department

Individual faculty, course, department

Above the course level, department or college wide

Dissemination of project

Submit a progress and final report

Present showcase and written report

Written report to be placed on Web


Faculty and their students

Faculty and their students

Departments, interdisciplinary teams, college wide, students

How do I develop and submit a ROC Proposal?

Begin by reading the ROC Call for Proposals 2011. ROC proposals can be submitted by following the directions in the ROC Call for Proposals. The following formats are available for your use:

The following sample proposal form and report may assist you in developing your proposal:

Final ROC Grant Reports