Program Review

All of our college planning and program review efforts exist to help us improve in order to better serve our students and community. Through strategic planning, program review, and operational planning efforts, we align college work with our wildly important goals, engage in cycles of informed improvement, and collaborate together to ensure the continued vibrancy and health of our college.

One of MCC’s Core Values is Continuous Improvement. To live this value, we must engage in cycles that assess where we are, set goals for where we want to be, and take evidence-based action to reach those goals. The 4-year department/program review cycle is an integral part of planning at MCC and is focused on growth and improvement to better serve our students, community, and each other. Individual program reviews will be completed every 4 years, unless a different schedule is adopted to accommodate an external program accreditation cycle.

Program Review Training Video

Overview of the Program Review Process


Tableau Reference Guide

This guide should help with answering the items from Section 2A, 2Ab, 2C, and 2D in the Template above.

Resources and Toolbox

Industry Information and Employment Forecast Web sites

Sample Survey Tools

These surveys were created by the Program Review Committee as examples that could be customized for each program.