MCC Student Profile Dashboard

The dashboard below provides headcounts by selected student demographics, student behaviors and student origins. One Fall , Spring or Summer term may be viewed at a time. Data for Fall and Spring terms is from 45th Day, our official reporting Census Day. Summer data is from the end of the Summer term. Use the drop down filters on the right side of the dashboard to select and drill down into the data. Users may also click directly on a bar to filter/unfilter. The top right corner displays the total headcount for the term selected, as well as the headcount of the group created by user filters.

Note: Anytime the headcount for a variable in a chart drops below 10 students, the dashboard will hide the data as a measure to protect student anonymity in accordance with FERPA best practices. An employee version of this dashboard without the FERPA restriction and with additional filters for Class and Class Prefix is available here. If you are an employee and do not have Tableau access, please fill out the Tableau Account Request form on this page

Click here a mobile-friendly version!