Key Performance Indicator Dashboard

This KPI Dashboard is intended to provide a quick, high-level overview of the status of MCC Key Performance Indicators. These KPIs focus primarily on student success, retention and completion. A detailed KPI report is available with greater depth of information about trends and peer comparisons. Clicking on a KPI in the dashboard below will open a PDF of the full KPI report for that indicator.

For each KPI, the most recent data point is provided (often the most recent Fall or FY), as well as a one-year trend and a "long trend." The long trend is typically a five-year trend, but may vary for some KPIs. The peer rank is a comparison of MCC to national peer colleges defined in the full KPI report. The NCCBP percentile describes how MCC ranks among all NCCBP community colleges, with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

For many metrics, our goals focus on how MCC ranks within our peer groups. The goals for these rankings are to be in the top five Maricopa colleges, in the top three of national peer institutions, and in the top half of all community colleges reporting to the National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP).

The KPIs in this report are numbered based on the following themes: 1. Course Success KPIs, 2. Retention KPIs, 3. Credit Momentum KPIs, 4. Graduation and Transfer KPIs, 5. Enrollment KPIs, and 6. Student Learning Outcomes KPIs.