ADA Accessible

What is ADA?

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act.

What You Need to Know & Making Your Pages ADA Accessible

As a public institution, we are legally responsible to be sure our content is equally accessible to all visitors. Run all pages through the WAVE tool and correct any red flags: (At the bottom of the page, on the left, in the grey footer). Copy and paste the URL of the page you wish checked into the Check Your Accessibility box and click WAVE.

Images, ALT Text & Why You Need Them

The most important issue in using images is to make your webpages ADA (Section 508) accessible to any visitor to the website. That means the image must be "visible" to all; including visually impaired visitors. How do you do that? You describe the image (content and function) in such a way that all visitors have a similar understanding of what the image is, what it represents, and what (if any) function is associated with that image. This is a federal law and is not optional. This is a requirement.

What needs to be ADA compliant?

When we say all of our content needs to be ADA compliant, we mean: each page, every Word document, every PDF, every PowerPoint, every image, every video, etc. Please make sure you are adding alt text to all of your visual content. If you ever have questions on website accessibility, please contact Institutional Advancement.