The Mesa Community College Experts List is a resource for reporters looking for information on a specific subject. The list provides the names of MCC faculty, staff and management who welcome the opportunity to discuss their area of expertise. To arrange an interview with any of our experts, please contact our Media Relations representative in MCC's Office of Institutional Advancement at 480-461-7445.

The Maricopa County Community College District also maintains an Experts List that includes hundreds of experts in dozens of subject areas from all 10 Maricopa Community Colleges. 

First Name Last Name     Discipline/Area of Expertise Title
Peter Conden     Agribusiness, Urban Horticulture, Sustainable Agriculture Urban Horticulture Faculty
Mona Scott     American Indian Issues Sociology Faculty
Andy Holycross     Amphibians Biology Faculty
Andy Baldwin     Amphibians Chair, Life Sciences
Terry  Ponder     Animal Behavior Biology Faculty
Kirk Costion     Anthropology (Archaeology) Anthropology Faculty
Shereen  Lerner     Anthropology (Cultural) Anthropology Faculty
Annalisa Alvrus     Anthropology (Archaeology, Biological, Cultural, and Forensic) Chair, Cultural Science
Shereen Lerner     Archaeology Anthropology Faculty
Lindsey Pedersen     Art History Art History Faculty
Sarah Capawana     Art (Photography, Digital Arts) Chair, Art/Photography/digital arts
Kevin Healy     Astronomy Astronomy Faculty
Keith Heffner     Audio Production Music Audio Production Technology Faculty
Andy Seagle     Audio Production Music Studio Recording Faculty
Bryce  Bond     Automotive Technology Automotive Technology Faculty
Jon D'Ambrosio     Automotive Technology Automotive Technology Faculty
Steve  Skroch     Automotive Technology Automotive Technology Faculty
Lewis Obermiller     Biotechnology Biology Faculty
Jennifer Strickland     Blogging; Emerging Web Technologies Service Faculty - Educational Support CTL
Kate Mohler     Book Club English Faculty
Linda Collins     Business and Info Systems Business and Info Systems Faculty
Jackie Gill     Career Planning Director, Career /Education Planning
Jon D'Ambrosio     Career and Technical Education (Industrial Arts) Automotive Technology Faculty
Linda Speranza     Ceramics Art Faculty
Christine Osgood     Child/Family Studies Child/Family Studies Faculty
Greg  Reents     College Access and Recruitment Manager of Recruitment
Kathleen Perales     Community Outreach and College Access Associate Dean, Community Outreach
Cherise Robb     Computer Aided Design Interior Design Faculty
Elliot Churner     Computer Information Systems CIS Faculty
Josh Rathkamp     Creative Writing English Faculty
Bonnie Black     Criminal Justice (Domestic Violence) Administration of Justice Faculty
Bert  Ouderkirk     Criminal Justice (Forensice Investigation) Chair, Administration of Justice
Kerry Muehlenbeck   Criminal Justice (Law and Legal Services) Administration of Justice Faculty
Debra J.  Campbell     Critical Thinking/Logic Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Tina Rangel     Dance Dance Faculty
Debbie Holexa     Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Faculty
Cindy  Jepsen     Disability Issues Manager, Disability Resources and Services
Todd Verch     Drafting Drafting Faculty
Gingher Leyendecker     Drawing Art Faculty
Annapurna Ganesh     Early Care and Education Director, Early Care and Education
Rochelle Ramirez-Clark   Early Care and Education Child Development Lab Supervisor
Angela  Chavez     Early College Opportunities Director Early Outreach Programs
Kristie Fok     Early College Opportunities Manager Dual Enrollment
Palmerino Mazzucco     Electronics Electronics Faculty
JD Neglia     Electronics Electronics Faculty
Julie Garner     Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education Teacher Education Coordinator
Kathryn Sheffield     English as a Second Language ESL Faculty
Jeff Andelora     English Composition/Writing Instruction Chair, English/Journalism/Humanities
Dave Yount     Ethics Philosophy Faculty
Andy Baldwin     Evolution  Chair, Life Science
Jeff Messer     Exercise Science Physical Education Faculty
Evonne Bowling     Fashion/Career Wear Seminars Apparel Merchandising and Design
Sonia Jones     Fire Science/EMT Chair, Fire Science/EMT
Lori Zienkewicz     Food and Nutrition Nutrition Faculty
Brian Dille     Foreign Policy/International Relations Political Science Faculty
        Gardening, Native Plants Biology Faculty
Lewis Obermiller     Genetics Biology Faculty
Jeff Messer     Health/Wellness Chair, Exercise Science
Sharon McLaughlin     Health Sciences Health and Wellness Faculty
Monica Margaillan     Hispanic Community Outreach and Support
Kathryn Sheffield     Humanities ESL Faculty
Andy Baldwin     Insects Chair, Life Science
Cherise Robb     Interior Design Interior Design Faculty
Jack Mullins     Journalism Journalism Faculty
Steve  Budge     Language Language Faculty
Lilian  Chavez     Latino/a Studies Sociology Faculty
Melissa Carpenter     Learning Enhancement Director, Learning Enhancement Center
Bob  Bonura     Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing Technology Faculty
Joe Martinez     Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing Technology Faculty
Alex Cheroske     Marine Biology Biology Faculty
Jill  Raymond     Microbiology Biology Faculty
JD Neglia     Microprocessors, Microcontrollers Electronics Faculty
Lewis Obermiller     Molecular Systematics Biology Faculty
Cathy Hauan     Musical Theatre Music Faculty
Fred Forney     Music (Jazz) Music Faculty
Rob Hunter     Music (Jazz) Music/Band Faculty
Debra  Bitter     Nursing Nursing Chair
Laura  Ballard     Online Learning eLearning Director
Barry Vaughan     Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy Faculty
Wynn Call     Psychology Psychology Faculty
Peter Brown     Science Education Life Science Faculty
Craig  Nolan     Strength & Conditioning Training Physical Ed Faculty
Kevin  Dressler     Theatre Theatre Program Director
Kimberly Focht     Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Faculty
Jill Sheport     Veterinary Technology Veterinary Technology Faculty
Peter Kalapuziak     Web Development Manager and Applications Developer
Robert Holmes     Welding Technology Welding Technology Faculty