Interim Vice President of Information Technology

Andrew Giddings

Andrew Giddings

Andrew Giddings assumed the role of interim vice president of information technology at Mesa Community College (MCC) on August 2, 2016.

Prior to his role as interim VP of IT,Andrew served the Deputy Chief Information Officer overseeing the Customer Care division since July 2012. He provides leadership in areas such as strategic planning, and implementation and stewardship of information technology services at the Southern and Dobson and Red Mountain campuses and MCC's Downtown Center.

Andrew has 16 years of experience working within Information Technology with 11 years in a higher education setting. His experience is vast and includes customer service, networking, enterprise systems, project management, information security and desktop support. Prior to joining MCC, Andrew was employed at Cisco Systems and Arizona State University.

Andrew holds a Master's in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor's in Global Business from Arizona State University, and an Associate's from Glendale Community College.